Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Welcome Back!

It has been a beautiful, hot, relaxing summer.  Now it is time to start thinking about school.  For some of you, this will be your last year at Jack MacKenzie, for others this is your first days in the Sr. Pod.  I  am looking forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday, September 5th.  There are a couple of things I would like you to take care of before you come back to school.  If you know you are in my class please fill out the Google Form and put down some important information for you and your family.

As the school year approaches, I would like to make a request for magazine donations.  Throughout the school year, the students use magazines to complete various assignments.  The magazines we use in the pod have been greatly depleted over the years and are becoming unusable.  If you have magazine that you can donate to the school please send them with your child.

If you fill out the Google Form before the students return to school your child will be entered for a classroom prize.

Make sure you head on over to our school website.  It has some changes to it from previous years.  Check it out!
Jack MacKenzie School Website

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Upcoming and Important Events

So there is only a few weeks left in the school year.  Here is an update to let everyone know what some of the important dates are:

Hawaiian Dance - Friday, May 5th
Canoeing Gr. 7's (Mrs. Scott's Math Group) - Tuesday May 9th pm and Thursday May 11th pm
Band Trip to Saskatoon - Friday, May 12th
Wacky Hair Day - Thursday, May 18th
Band Concert - Monday, May 29th @ Campbell @ 7:00 pm
UMOJA Tour - Thursday, June 1st
Multi - School Track Meet - Monday, June 5th Grades 4-8 (top 6 from fall meet)
UMOJA @ Regina Jazz Festival - Thursday, June 15th
Grade 8 Farewell - Tuesday, June 20th Evening
Grade 8 Farewell Tour to Moose Jaw - Friday, June 23rd
Last Day of School -- Thursday, June 29th

I will post more information on other dates such as swimming and any other events that get booked ASAP

Friday, 25 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge/Birthday Surprise

Well it's been a busy couple of months, but the kids surprised me with a little birthday party and we did a mannequin challenge to have some fun as well today.

A big thank you to the students who set up and the parents that helped make the cupcakes for today as well.  You all are the reason that Jack MacKenzie is such a wonderful place to work.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Orange Shirt Day

I want to share some information about Orange Shirt Day.

Why do we have an Orange Shirt Day?

- To remember the residential school victims and those that were subjected to the generations of abuse and assimilation process

Why do we wear Orange?

- Phyllis Webstad is a survivor of a residential school.  Her story is the following:

Watch from 16:50-19:40 for her story

Why is this important?

- The last two residential schools to close across Canada were in Saskatchewan
 - 1996 - Gordons Indian Residential School near Punnichy
 - 1998 - White Calf Collegiate in Lebret

What was the experience like for children?

 - watch this video of our Jack MacKenzie SLC students reading Shi-shi-etko by Nicola Campbell

Why were Residential Schools so bad?

- Watch this video and have a conversation with your family and friends to decide:

Some questions you could ask yourself or your family and friends are:

-          What sort of bad things happened in Residential Schools?
-          What was the purpose of Residential Schools? (Why were they created?)
-          How would you or your family react if you had to go to one of these schools?

-          Why is learning about this part of Canadian history important?

Please join in the conversation today!

Wear Orange on September 30th and help us remember!